Sunday, October 18, 2009


Rasa itu memang ada, cuma tiada kesempatan.... till today.. yolla!!!

Why SAFIZA?? Names of my beloved person that means everything for me.. Love them very much~mmuuahh

S~ Shueef (my dad)
A~ Arfah (my mom)
F~ dzariF (my sweet little bro)
I~ sItI surIya (my sis)
Z~ Zuraidah (my sis)
A~ Adila (me, myself)

Everyone have their owb~the most difficult time~ in life... BUT, there owes an 'exit'....

No matter what, life is so wonderful..... =)

May all of us live all the days of our life!

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kedaikopiyaya said...

yuhuu...welcome to bloggy world...