Saturday, December 5, 2009

~saLaM aiDiLaDHa~

a bit late to post this entry~but~never mind..
as long as its a moment that need to remember, thats it!~

this was my 5th aidiladha, as a "anak perantau"...
so far away from my beloved mom & dad~ & my beloved younger sis & sweet little bro.
only with my sis~two of us.

-----> a day before: 

~shopping with my sis & big brother @ JJ alpha angle-wangsamaju.

 -----> cooking time~

~dadih a.k.a jelly—so pale? But so sweet~=)

~kuah kacang~hand made-my hand

~nasi impit - ‘cecah’ with kuah kacang~

~spageti—to replace rendang??? ~no cow nor goat nor camel to be ‘korban’- ‘korban’ hotdog je la?-

“seLaMaT aRi RaYa”:


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