Thursday, August 5, 2010

~wOmEn~am i???

10 punishments against women who are shown to Nabi Muhammad s.a.w during Israk Mikraj:

Women who were hung by her hair, while the brain was boil (1).
- They are women who do not want to hide their hair from being seen by other men.

Women who were hung by their tongues (2), and hands out from the buttock (3), hot oil poured into the throat (4).
- They are women who like to huff her husband (with words).

Women who were suspended by their breast from the buttocks and the zakum water poured into the throat (5).
- They are women who breastfeed other children without the permission of her husband.

Women who were tied their legs and hands up to the forelock and coiled round by some snakes and scorpions (6).
- They are women who are able to pray and fasting but do not want to do, not wudhuk, and did not want to shower after their menstruation. They often leave home without permission and did not shower after menstruation and give birth.

Women who were ate meat while their body itself is burning (7).
- They are women who dress-up for other men and love to tell the humiliation of another person.

Women who were cut own body using scissor (from hell) (8).
- They are women who like to seek the attention of others by show-off her body.

Women who had head like a pig’s head and body are like donkeys (9).
- They are women who like to complain and lied.

Women in a form of dog and a few snakes and scorpions enter her mouth and go out from her anal (10).
- They are women who love to angry with her husband and denigrate the others.

“Indeed, there is no safe place from the persecution of women unless you stay away from them.”

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