Friday, July 30, 2010

SALT = sweet

if i'm not mistaken, last movie that i watched was AVATAR, 3D @ KLCC~with Shana & kak J.

last night, when 1 of my girlfriend asked me for movie, i was so excited! =) 
(even though dunno what movie would be at the top right now)

g.f :  "are u going wit your BAJU KURUNG?"
me : =)

~way to pavillion~ 1130pm-KL & jammed very synonym!

@ pavilion~ SALT or INCEPTION?

emmy : "Sorry kak, almost full. only got some seats in front" ~sigh
me : "could u please work on something?"
emmy : "I'l try to get this reserve seats for all of u. just wait for 5 minutes."

5 minutes later.....
emmy : "wait for another 6 minutes, kak. the seats doesn't open yet."

6 minutes later.....
emmy : "sorry kak. i can't lock the seats for u. FULL!"


y.m : "hello miss, don't worry, i'll get gold class for all of u. just smile & wait. 12.55a.m, i'll call u. 
(errr..... who's this young man?)

12.55 a.m
y.m : "miss, come & follow me."
g.f : "just prepare your RM50 to pay for gold class."

y.m : "miss, please be seated. anything u want? pop corn? coke?"
me : "mineral water, please...."
g.f : "hello, sis... mineral water?"
me : =) (plain water is the best water!)

few minutes later... 
two pop corns, two coke n one mineral water.
y.m : "enjoy the movie miss"

SALT @ gold class- pavilion ~F.O.C! (still in 'tercengang' mode!)

The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.
~thanks y.m =)

me= myself
g.f= my girlfwen(s)
emmy= counter girl
y.m= young man (who is he actually?)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ouch! it's HURT!

scissors~ are hand-operated cutting instruments~sharpened edges slide each other~
for cutting...cutting...cutting...

there something else that always stand behind the word S.C.I.S.S.O.R.S... 
what so-called "scissors in d folds" (sound weird-direct translation...ahah) or in BM, "gunting dalam lipatan".

as life goes on, so many things happen n all comes wit responsibility. 
i realize that, everything i do is affecting the people around me. 
is't called a responsibility to responsible for things that might be not our fault?-that's what a life means 

i know who it is, hiding n blend into that folds-make me the one that seem stupid!

don't u know its HURT me a lot?
if u can see bleeding from my veins, maybe u could stop doing these to me?. 
OR, NO!! maybe it make things worsen. 

"i lose my way
& it's not too long before u point it out
i cannot cry
because i know that's weakness in your eyes
i'm forced to fake, a smile, a laugh
everyday of my life
my heart can't possibly break"

S.C.I.S.S.O.R.S.~thanks for everything you've done to me.