Tuesday, October 5, 2010


sometimes in life, we'll be lost.
dunno where are we heading to....
when it comes to a certain junction, we can't even decided!
left OR right? 

i've a friend, who told me this,
dear, whenever u felt u are lost, 
just find your way out! 
don't stay, keep moving forward & find your new direction....


@Fr!^n@ said...

agreed with your fren tho.. :)
but before you move forward..step back and find the best way forward.. :)

all the best pal.. :)

FiR said...

hmmm...no wonder some people often said
"life is about making choices n decisions"
i dont know, because we all hav different perspective n viewpoint towards life..
whenever u felt u r lost,
just find ur way out-i think its not that easy

thats why in life, we need a Guidance
the one who teach us to do the right things,
to go n to take the right pathway...
i mean its true we hav to move forward n find the way out, but as a muslim/muslimah make sure u seek advice n find a direction from the guidance first..